Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cucumber Cracker Snackers

These are a great cheese & cracker substitute. I came up with this idea today while scrounging around for some kind of snack that was ultra light, but gave me a lot of volume! I think these would also make great munchies for a get together or shower. And it took all of five minutes to put together. The blue cheese offers big flavor, which makes this snack very satisfying.

1 Cucumber

1 Tbs Crumbled Blue Cheese

2 Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges, Original Swiss Flavor

1 Tbs Light Sour Cream

Fresh Cracked Pepper

Slice cucumber in "cracker" like slices. Mix blue cheese, cheese wedges and sour cream in a small bowl, then place in a small baggie. Cut end off of baggie and squirt onto "crackers". Top crackers with 1 small crumble (or very thin slice) of blue cheese and cracked pepper.

Nutrition info:

Serves 2 (very well)

85 Calories 5g Protein 7g Carbs 4g Fat

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